Procurement Director- Pharma Chemicals, Belgium

Mr. Pieter-Jan Denolf

Mr. Pieter-Jan Denolf, currently serving as a Procurement Director at Pharma Chemicals in Belgium, is known for his result-driven approach and commitment to innovation in procurement. His responsibilities ranges from global sourcing of APIs & excipients to managing a diverse portfolio of packaging materials. In Medix Laboratoires and Fagron, he contributing significantly in purchasing and R&D processes, and managing procurement of a wide range of materials and devices. As a valued advisory board member, Mr. Denolf plays a vital role in shaping our organizational vision. His expertise guides us through the intricacies of the lifesciences sector, ensuring that our progress aligns with latest industry trends and best practices.

His career, marked by roles at A.P. Moller – Maersk and educational time at Vlerick Business School, reflects his continuous commitment to professional development. His diverse skill set and solid foundation in procurement make him a valuable contributor to the success of dynamic organizations.

Pharma Consultant

Dr. Md. Wahiduzzaman

“Dr. Md Wahiduzzaman holds the position of Director and is also the Founder of Beeyah Tech LLC, Dubai. He has rich experience in both the government and corporate sectors, with a focus on Research, Innovation & Technology Management for over a decade. He played an important role in bringing many biotechnology innovations to market. Currently, he is working as the Technical Director at Auric Industries Ltd., Delhi. He also guides the development and market launch of techno-commercial projects in the field of Biologicals, particularly industrial enzymes, and some in Biofertilizers and Biopesticides. As a vital member of our advisory board, Dr. Wahiduzzaman significantly influences our organizational vision.”

Dr. Wahiduzzaman got his Ph.D. in Bio-chemistry & Bio-process engineering, with special focus on vaccine design and production, from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. As a Scientist at the Department of Biotechnology and Technology Development Board (Government of India), he has participated in policy formulation for innovative technology, R&D of various Cancer Biology projects at top universities and institutes. He has also served on several committees for technical project evaluation and nationwide monitoring.

Director- World Odissey, Portugal

Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma

Mr. Vijay Kumar Verma is a professional with a strong background in Brand Development and Uplifting, specializing in MedTech, Clinical Research across all Phases, Pharmacovigilance, IVD, Endoscopy, Medical devices/accessories, and Lifesciences Market Research intelligence database, as well as Regulatory services. Mr. Verma started his career in the field of IVD, subsequently diversifying into Medical device/Life science Market Research, Clinical Research Networking, and Contract Manufacturing, Nutraceuticals/Pharma API, Intermediate, Herbs, Extracts/biosciences/Med-Tech. Mr. Verma has acquired a different skill set, including Product Management, Marketing, Strategy/Regulatory & Compliance, Branding, Business Expansion, Client Acquisitions, and channel development across diversified geographies.

His expertise also includes Event Management and Cross-department functioning. Mr. Verma has played a significant role in Strategic Investments, Team Leadership, KOL Management, Trainings, and Education center development. As an esteemed member of our advisory board, Mr. Verma plays a crucial role in strategic vision of our organization. His expertise to help us navigate the complexities of lifesciences sector, ensuring that our progress align with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Mr. Verma’s experience includes working with Merck (2005-2007), IMV Technology Pvt. Ltd. (2007-2010), OLYMPUS Medical-Japanese (2010-2014) and FUJIFILM Healthcare (2014-2022), where he oversaw operations, from planning and commercials. He has contributed his expertise to various fields such as MedTech, Clinical Research, Medical devices/accessories, IVD, and Lifescience Market Research intelligence database, as well as Regulatory services. Mr. Verma has played important roles in Strategic Investments, Team Leadership, KOL Management, Trainings, and Education center development.