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When you need to promote your brand or product and global recognition is on your mind-Chemxpert database is the sole solution.

CompShow- Company Showcase is an online platform/ company advertisement board of the Chemxpert database that offers you space to advertise your products on a public advertisement bulletin. It is one of the most visited databases offering services to the low, mid-tier, as well as multinational organizations across lifesciences industries. Our wide reach allows your product to reach a wider audience and provides real-time results allowing you to track the performance of your ads.

CompShow acts as a bridge to connect pharma professionals directly with potential buyers and facilitators to achieve worldwide expansion. It provides you with business-targeted promotions to make your agenda reach the right people and increase the rate of conversion. Your idea or advertisement will be posted on our module, ChemDmart.

Subscribe to CompShow, and showcase your ideas/ businesses.

Focused Ecosystem

Exclusive access to a specialized Pharma/chemical industry ecosystem to ensure maximum market exposure globally.

Web Optimized

Implemented effective e-sales strategies i.e., Search Engine Optimisation SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Google AdWords, AdSense, LinkedIn Paid campaign).

Massive Sales

A robust database with a 24-Hour turnaround that operates and manages a daily influx of sales inquiries and visits from potential customers.

Key Highlights

AD Products

  • Real time products advertisement with an exclusive access to potential buyers and facilitators.
  • To achieve worldwide expansion, companies can advertise their brands through our advertisement bulletin.
  • One of the world’s largest database portal witnessing thousands of companies visiting.
  • Targeted professional advertisements to influence suppliers, buyers and facilitators.
  • Subscribe to our advertisement packages.

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