About Chemxpert Database

Chemxpert database is a pharma database service provider company offering comprehensive range of data pertaining to buyers, suppliers, pharma global market size, clinical trial, patents, certifications, regulatory insights, warnings, price and current trends for the pharmaceutical and lifesciences industries. It is a prominent pharma database provider in India that has strengthened clients' trust over the last decade by providing a comprehensive range of services to help businesses across 200 countries from various sectors encompassing pharmaceutical actives, active pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations, agrochemicals, enzymes, cosmetics, excipients, food additives, nutraceuticals, and many more.

Chemxpert Database is a techno-commercial website which is operated by Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. We believe in our motto “Right data, right decision” and meticulously prepare our data to be compliant with the regulatory guidelines. Lifescience Intellipedia Pvt. Ltd. has strengthened clients' trust over the last decade by providing a comprehensive range of services to help businesses with insights into market research, business development, R&D/production, regulatory functions, patents, certifications, innovative drugs, competitor analysis, etc.

Chemxpert Database is a one-of-a-kind web portal and among the best pharma supplier database in India that contains precisely curated data from reliable resources with the integration of data intelligence algorithms. Our data empowers the user to seamlessly browse, search, evaluate, as well as download the comprehensive information from many areas including top pharma companies in the world, API manufacturing companies in India, etc. within few seconds. Our cost-effective services are the first choice of clients to discover the precise insights related to lifesciences industries.

What Sets Us Apart

The key features that stand out is our unique position as the sole company globally offering both supplier and buyer information on a single platform. Our commitment for excellence and quality keeps us motivated and we qualify as a leader despite encountering pressure in the toughest situations. We aspire to produce overly accurate data with 80-90% precision with unparalleled dedication. Our unique data also includes information on pharmaceutical product development, Drug Master File (DMF), top chemical raw material manufacturers in India, etc.

Chemxpert database is a unique web portal that gives you a passage to the network of 1 million companies with extensive range of 1 million products, holistically covering every aspect. Get on the bandwagon to access fast speed reports and remain updated with new information, to be well informed. Having unlimited searches as well as real-time data trends makes us your priority. Enhance connections, expanding the world of possibilities and making collaboration that goes beyond borders, with access to contact details for key decision-makers in over 200 countries are the unmissable assets of our database.

What we offer

Explore our services that are meticulously curated to offer you a right solution within few clicks. At Chemxpert, get empowered with all the essential tools to attain success in this dynamic industry. In order to meet the diverse needs of the industry, we have nine modules, including ChemProtel for detailed product information and Chemscape for market analysis. Complio analyses the company on an in depth basis, while CompGroupe's focus is mainly on group information. Stay up to date with DataFeed, use DataIntel data analysis, and explore innovative medicines with Clival. In addition, ChemDmart - E-Market Place offers insight into the world's supply of pharmaceuticals and CompShow provides visibility to your products on our web site.

Our services :-

• ChemProtel - Product Intelligence

Our carefully curated module, ChemProtel contains the insights focusing on product/ molecule related information throughout the lifesciences industries. It covers all aspects of product encompassing pharma API, finished dosage forms, world pharma market size, regulatory insights, clinical trials insights, etc.

• CompFolio - Company Profiles

A valuable module that provides cutting-edge information on various segments of the lifesciences industries including top pharma company in world. It covers a wide range of industry, such as pharma API, pharma finished dosage, pharma intermediates, agrochemical actives, agro-formulations, agro-intermediates, biologics, biosimilar, food, nutraceuticals and many more.

• CompGroupe - Group Company Information

Your trusted platform which can be relied upon to gain unparalleled insights form lifesciences industries. It is known for providing structured, user-friendly interface that goes beyond conventional methods for data delivery. It’s perfectly designed tabs are gateway to the valuable data specific to the group-company information.

• ChemScape - Landscape Exploration

ChemScape is an all-encompassing module for product related searches, providing information on extensive criteria such as indication, product- form, mechanism of action, technology, and therapeutic segment.

• Clival-Innovative Pharma

Clival is a meticulously curated module to offer 360-degree perspective insights on innovative drugs. It provides data on a massive collection of clinical trial data covering 60,000 molecules from various regulatory countries such as pharma clinical trial in India, USA, Europe, Japan, etc.

• ChemDmart - E-Market Place

ChemDmart - E-Market Place is a quality platform for pharma manufacturers, distributors, and producers for solutions to their queries. The client get access to the data with details of suppliers/buyers, price range, and quantity of products with a single query from lifesciences industries. These details help the client to make informed decisions for their business.

• DataIntel - Data Analytics/Trends

A powerful platform to provide and exchange all data information related to entire lifesciences industries through the latest technologies like Power BI and Microsoft-Excel.

• Data Feed - News & Trends

DataFeed is a comprehensive section of updated news and current trends, specifically curated to keep individuals informed about the latest developments in the pharmaceutical and lifesciences industries. Our news contains product-related updates, certification and accreditation updates, approval and launch announcements, clinical trial progress reports, licensing, partnering, and collaboration news, BTA, FTA, ODD, and many more.

• CompShow - Company Showcase

CompShow is an online platform/ company advertisement board of the Chemxpert database that offers you space to advertise your products on a public advertisement bulletin. It is one of the most visited databases offering services to the low, mid-tier, as well as multinational organizations across lifesciences industries.

Join us at Chemxpert Database, where we pave the way for informed decisions through:-

Right data, Right decisions.