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Chemxpert database is a global buyer and supplier database of APIs and chemicals offering comprehensive range of data pertaining to buyers, suppliers, pharma global market size, clinical trial, patents, certifications, regulatory insights, warnings, price and current trends for the pharmaceutical and lifesciences industries. It is a prominent pharma database provider in India. Read More

ChemProtel - Product Intelligence

ChemProtel - Product Intelligence is one of the modules of Chemxpert, which Primarily focus on product related information across all lifesciences industries. ChemProtel covers all products falling under, Pharma API, Pharma Finished Dosages. Read More

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Detailed Analysis

  • Technical Info
  • Commercial Info
  • Supplier Info
  • Buyer Info
  • Patent
  • Warning
  • Clinical Trials
  • Certification/ Accreditation
  • Biosimilar

Active Ingredient

  • usdmf USDMF
  • kdmf KDMF
  • cep/cos CEP/COS
  • EU API Registered EU API Registered
  • India EU Written India EU Written
  • India Import Licence India Import Licence
  • China API Registered China API Registered
  • REACH RegisteredREACH Registered


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  • Oceania Oceania
  • Africa Africa
  • Asia Asia
  • south america South America

Why Chemxpert Database

The Chemxpert database is a one-stop solution offering a comprehensive range of data pertaining to buyers, suppliers, market size, clinical trial information, regulatory insights, and price trends for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Chemxpert provides real-time information .

Unlimited Searches

Over 1 million products and 1 Million Companies listing and offers unlimited search options.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution of Technical, commercial, Certification, Patent & Regulatory aspects.

Easy Access

Online annual subscription or quick downloadable Report for specific product or Company.

Real Time Information

Database real time updation & verification within 24 hour turnaround.

Premium Full Contacts

Contact the key decision makers by verified Designation, Email, Phone & address in more than 200 countries.

90% Accuracy Guarantee

Chemxpert ensure highest level of Research, Correctness & Consistency of data points and details.

Affordable Pricing

Quality information to make Business to Business connections for an amazingly Affordable price.

Download Instant Report

Download Instant Report of different data points instantly by PDF / Excel Format.

CompFolio - Company Profile

CompFolio - Company Profile primarily focus on Company specific information about lifesciences industries. Read More

  • Business Area Focus
  • Products Portfolio
  • Pipeline Products
  • Manufacturing Locations
  • Competition/ Peers
  • Financials
  • Patent Filings
  • Subsidiary & Affiliates
  • Certifications/
  • Warning Letter by Authority
  • Recent News Authority

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CompGroupe - Group Company Profile

CompGroupe focuses on group-company-specific information related to the life science industries. Read More

Basic Information

  • • Company Name
  • • Employee Strength
  • • Total No. of Subsidiary
  • • Key Management
  • • Designation
  • • No.of Business Area
  • • No. of Certification
  • • Manufacturing Location
  • • No. of Competitor
  • • Website URL


  • • Business Area
  • • Products Portfolio
  • • Buying Portfolio
  • • Subsidiary and Affiliates
  • • Manufacturing Locations
  • • Certifications/ Accreditation
  • • Competition/Peer
  • • Financials
  • • Patent Filed
  • • Warning Letter By Authority
  • • Pipeline Products
  • • Recent News

Regulatory Info (Active)

  • • North America
  • • Europe
  • • Asia

Regulatory Info (Finished)

  • • North America
  • • Europe
  • • Oceania
  • • Africa
  • • Asia
  • • South America

Clival - Innovative Pharma

Clival – Innovative Pharma provide data insight on clinical trials being conducted globally i.e., USA, EU, Japan, Canada AUS, NZ, Korea & India. Read More

Pipeline Portfolio
Disease Area/Indication
Licensing Opportunity
Development Phase
Patent Info
Sales Forecast
Market Launch Prediction

ChemScape – Data Landscape

Are you looking for a database where you can get detailed Landscape information of key criteria like Therapeutic Segment, Indication, Mechanism of action and Technology ?
There is no need to look any further!

ChemScape is a one-stop solution at Chemxpert Database, where customers can search for a wide variety of products available in the market based on various aspects of landscape


Allows Users to search for products based on disease.

Ex - Hypertension; Urinary Tract Infection; Asthma; Breast Cancer; Heart Failure

Mechanism of action

Users can look for products based on the mechanism of action.

Ex - Histamine H1 Receptor Antagonist; Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitor; Dopamine D2 Receptor Antagonist


Enables users to find products based on the chemical reaction involved in the synthesis.

Ex - Reduction; Bromination; Chlorination; Condensation; Friedel Crafts Reaction

Therapeutic area

Allows customers to search a wide range of products based on therapeutic areas.

Ex- Cardiovascular Disease; Infections And Infectious Disease; Oncology; CNS Diseases.


Provide access to search for products according to their dosage forms.

Ex - Powder; Crystals; Granules; Micronized; Sterile.

ChemScape covers products including Small Molecule, biologics, biosimilars, generics and branded drugs.

All information or part of information can be fetched, by searching the company name. The entire information or part of information can be accessed through subscription, for more details, contact us.

Read More

Our Clients

Our Clients are the driving force behind our hard work. We are a privileged entity to be able to work with clients from a variety of lifescience industries. Read More

ChemDmart - E-Market Place

ChemDmart - E-Market Place is a platform of Chemical & Pharma Community to encourage & to put forward their purchasing & supplying need. Read More

Buying Enquiry

Oxynex St Liquid[Make: Basf*]- 2Kgs
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Finasteride Intermediate N-1
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Valsartan Impurities
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Serratifolia Vv Liquid Extract
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Paclitaxel Intermediate
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Panto With Dome Pelletes
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Nitrile Gloves
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Dowtherm J
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Supplying Enquiry
Glass Large Rotatory Evaporator 10 L To 100 Litre
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Mixed Xylidine
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Antid Fps
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Piperacillin Sodium+ Tazobactum
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Wpc 80
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Ramipril Intermediate (5 Ethoxy)
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
Pipracillin Tazobactum
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
1,4-Butane Sultone
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
1,4-Cyclohexanedione Monoethylene Acetal
Email Id : **********
Contact Person : **********
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Sector value DueDate
Peter Griffin $100
Lois Griffin $150
Joe Swanson $300
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250
Cleveland Brown $250

DataIntel - Data Analytics/Trends

DataIntel - Data Analytics/Trends is a platform to empower and exchange all data information related to entire lifesciences industries through latest technologies like power-BI and News letters. Read More

CompShow- Company Showcase

CompShow- Company Showcase is an advertisement platform to showcase your product Portfolio in front of the desired industry participants. Read More

Nihar Patel

Nihar Patel

- Director

R K Synthesis Ltd, India

Quite satisfied with your work and our long association with you. Your ability to accommodate and scale a large database makes it extremely convenient for us to search variety of products. For me you are the go to guys for all our data related needs.

Suraj Bhandari

Suraj Bhandari

- EA to Managing Director

RA Chem Pharma Ltd., India

I am impressed with the team’s ability to collect such hard to find information with no error at all. I have used other databases in past and usually it takes rounds of iteration to get the output right.

Subodh Mahajan

Subodh Mahajan


Supra Chemicals, India

Extremely happy with the annual subscription of combined pack of their database. They’ve compiled key data points that we were seeking, and wrapped up in in a single file format as per our desire.

Ashray Sistla

Ashray Sistla

- Marketing Manager

Malladi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India

Chemxpert provided us the details of key API datasets that helped us take some crucial strategic decisions.